Royal Q Trading Bot Review

You’ve probably heard of people who make thousands and millions by trading cryptocurrencies. 

And you think this is an investment opportunity you can exploit.

Or you’ve started trading cryptocurrencies and you find it complex. Having to study candlestick charts, finding supports and resistances, and other tasks isn’t just for you.

Today, I want to review a trading bot that allows you to trade profitably without becoming a trading wiz.

In this Royal Q bot review, I’ll be going through how to set up the Royal Q app and its pros and cons in terms of trading cryptocurrencies. 

Let’s dive in. 

What is Royal Q Robot?

The Royal Q robot is an artificial intelligence bot trained on historical trading data and indicators to trade cryptocurrencies profitably. 

This bot studies the price actions of cryptocurrency tokens to enable it to buy at low prices and sell at profits.

For a bit of background story, the Royal Q bot is created by a Chinese company. So, what makes Royal Q different from other trading bots you’ve heard of in the past?

We’ll touch on that as we dive further into the review.

How Does the Royal Q Trading Bot Works?

To begin using the Royal Q trading app, you have to register an account. You can begin the registration process here.

If you click on that link, it will take you to the registration page.

Here, you’ll fill in your name, login password, and an invitation code (if you have one).

Register Royal Q app

To confirm your email, you need to enter a verification code. All you need to do is click on the “Send Verification Code” button.

Royal Q will send a code to your email inbox that you’ll enter on this page. Once you’re done filling the form, click on “Register.”

On the next page, Royal Q will provide links to download the Royal Q trading app on the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store. 

It’s advisable to download through these links to eliminate the chances of downloading a clone app.

These fake apps can take your information and put your account at risk.

Therefore, ensure you download through the Royal Q website.

After downloading the app, you’ll see your dashboard with many icons for your trading system. 

Before you can start trading, you need to connect your Royal Q app to trading exchanges. Currently, this trading bot connects with two of the biggest cryptocurrency exchanges in Binance and Huobi.

Later in this review, I’ll show you how to bind Binance’s API to the Royal Q bot.

Once you connect a trading exchange, you can now select the cryptocurrency coins you want the bot to trade for you. Currently, Royal Q allows you to pick among 50 cryptocurrencies. 

After this, the bot will analyze these coins daily and buy at prices that are close to the token’s low. To achieve this, it uses artificial intelligence to determine the best price to buy.

After buying, the bot waits till your coins are in profit before selling.

Of course, the potential income depends on many factors.

First of all, the state of the market will determine what results you can achieve. For example, you’re likely to make more money in a bullish market compared to a bearish market.

Another factor that plays a role is the amount of money you have on the platform. Likewise, your trading settings will affect your potential earnings.

In a nutshell, the Royal Q bot works through API binding to cryptocurrency trading exchanges. Then, it trades cryptocurrencies in your account to make profits.

How Can I Make Money From Royal Q Bot?

Frankly, anybody who intends to use this app will ask about its earning potential and how users can earn money. 

There are two main ways to earn through the Royal Q trading app which are:

Royal Q bot trading 

Once you register and activate your account, the Royal Q bot will start trading with your budget.

The bot does daily trading and you can see your daily profits on the app.

In most cases, users make 10% to 50% of their trading capital monthly based on the factors I mentioned earlier in the review. 

If you click on “Quantitative” at the bottom of your Royal Q app, you’ll see all the coins you can trade.

Then, click on a coin you want to trade.

On the next page, there are settings for the trades. By default, every coin is in the cycle mode.

This means the bot will trade the coin as many times as possible.

If you want Royal Q to only trade the coin once, click on “One-Shot.”

Down on the page, click on “Trade Setting” to instruct the trading bot on how to trade the coin.

On the settings page, you’ll see the “First buy in amount.”

This is the amount of USDT Royal Q will spend to buy the coin for the first time.

More so, you’ll find the “whole position take profit ratio,” “the whole position take profit callback,” and more.

The “take profit ratio” is the lowest percentage profit the coin can have before Royal Q can sell.

However, Royal Q won’t sell immediately if it attains this profit level. It will only sell when the coin drops by the “take profit callback” percentage.

Here, you can tweak your settings according to your profit goals.

Once you’re done with your settings, click on “Start” to start trading the coin.

Another feature on Royal Q is the ability to copy trades of experts on the platform. To access this, click on “Circle” at the bottom of your app.

Doing this will display experts on the platform.

If you click on an expert, you’ll see their profile.

If you’re copying an expert’s trades, Royal Q will send 0.5% of your profits to this expert.

Royal Q compensation plans with multi-level marketing (MLM) 

Apart from earning through your trades, Royal Q also allows you to earn through referrals. After registering an account with the company, you have access to a referral link and code. 

What are the possible benefits of referring users to Royal Q?

There are 6 levels in the Royal Q referral program and I’ll mention them below.


The first level is V1 which becomes active when your referred user activates their account.

You’ll get a 30% commission on their activation. 

This means you’ll receive 30USDT when the user activates their account. Also, Royal Q will reward you with 20% of the profit it makes from your referred users.

For instance, Royal Q takes a 20% share of profits that users make on the platform.

So, if a user makes $50 in profits, Royal Q will take $10 which is 20% of this.

In turn, you’ll get $2 if you referred that user.

This is a source of continuous revenue as the bot will make multiple profitable trades every day.


Once the number of your referred users reaches 3 and your team members reach 20, you’ll be upgraded to V2. In V2, you get a 40% bonus on activation of your direct referrals. 

Also, team members include referrals of your referred team members.

In addition to the direct referral, you also get 30% of the profit Royal Q makes on their trades.


To qualify for V3, you need to refer 5 users and 3 of them must be in the V2 level. In addition, you need 100 team members.

In this level, you’ll get 50% of activation fees and 40% of profits that Royal Q makes from users. Moreso, if you have other V3s as your referral, you’ll earn an extra 5% commission as your peer reward.


For this level, you need to refer 8 users directly and 3 of them must be at the V3 level. Overall, you need 300 team members. 

Getting to this level grants you the reward of 60% of the activation fees from referred users. Furthermore, you’ll get 50% of Royal Q’s profits from referred users.

Here, you also have access to a 5% peer reward.


To reach this level, you need to refer 12 users, and at least 3 of them must be at the V4 level. Beyond that, you need 800 team members.

At this level, you’ll receive 65% commission and a 55% share of Royal Q’s profits from those users.

You also have access to 5% peer rewards.


This is the highest referral level in Royal Q. To attain this level, you need to refer 20 users and 3 of them must be at the V5 level. Overall, you need to have 1,500 team members.

What are the rewards on this level? You get 70% of activation fees from referrals and 60% of Royal Q’s profits from referred users.

Also, you have access to 5% peer reward and 5% global dividend.

How To Link (Bind) Royal Q Bot with Binance 

Unlike some other bots or trading services, you won’t transfer your trading capital to Royal Q. Your capital stays in the cryptocurrency exchanges and Royal Q trades the coins you want it to.

Currently, the platform supports two of the biggest cryptocurrency exchanges:

Binance and Huobi Global. 

But since Binance is the biggest cryptocurrency exchange, I’ll show you how to connect your Royal Q bot with Binance.

First, navigate to your Royal Q app and click on API binding.

Once you do this, Royal Q will take you to the next page where you can select your exchange.

In this case, I’ve selected Binance.

On the next page, you’ll see the instructions and a list of IP addresses that you can copy into Binance.

Binance binding

Next, you’ll navigate to your Binance app to obtain your API and secret key.

On the Binance homepage, click on “More” among the icons.

Binance account Royal Q

On the next page, you’ll find various options. Scroll down the page and click on “API Management.”

Biinance API Management

Then, you can enter your API name on the next page. After that, you’ll complete security verification to create your API.

Now, you’ve created your API. But you have to edit the settings to ensure Royal Q bots can trade on your spot account.

First, you should select the option to enable spot and margin trading.

Ensure that the only two options you select are to enable reading and spot trading.

Binance API Royal Q

This is vital to ensure the safety of your funds.

A trading option such as Futures is risky and can lead to loss of funds.

Likewise, enabling withdrawals means you’re providing permission to a third-party app to withdraw your trading funds. This is too risky.

Below that, select “Restrict access to trusted IPs only” and paste the IP addresses you copied from Royal Q. Then click on “Confirm.”

You can then save your settings. Once you finish creating your API, copy your API and Secret keys and paste in Royal Q.

Then click on “Bind” to finish your API binding. Now, Royal Q can start trading on your Binance account.

Where Can I Download The App?

You can download the Royal Q app on the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store. 

After registration for your Royal Q account, the website will provide the links to both apps. Therefore, it’s easier to select an app for your device.

Royal Q Bot Activation – how do I go about it?

Before the Royal Q bot can start trading on your Binance or Huobi accounts, you need to activate the service.

However, to do this, you have to deposit $120 into Royal Q. Of this amount, $100 is for the annual activation.

The remaining $20 is for the gas fee. When Royal Q bot completes a trade at a profit, the service takes 20% of your profits.

But since the bot can’t withdraw directly from your Binance account, it takes the equivalent of 20% from the 20 USDT. 

This is an amount you’ll have to top up with time as you make profits from this platform.

Luckily, if you get rewards for referring users, then topping up will be unnecessary. 

To transfer 120 USDT to Royal Q, click on “Mine” at the bottom right corner of your app. Doing this will open a page with options.

Activate Royal Q bot

Among the options, click on “Assets.” Then click on “Deposit” on your assets page.

Royal Q asset deposit

On the deposit page, you’ll see a TRC-20 address you can deposit your USDT to. Copy this address and navigate to your Binance account.

On your wallet page on Binance, click on USDT. At the bottom of the asset page, click on “Withdrawal.”

Withdrawal Binance Royal Q

On the next page, paste the address you copied and select the TRC20 network. After filling in the amount, click on “Withdrawal.”

Binance withdrawal

Once you complete these steps, the amount will be deposited into your Royal Q account.

To activate your account, click on “Activate” at the top of the page.

Royal Q activation fee

Then, accept the agreement and activate your account.

Other Things to Know About Royal Q Bot Trading

Here are some common questions users have when deciding to use the Royal Q trading robot:

Is Royal Q robot scam or legit?

The Royal Q robot is legit. And you don’t even have to take my word for it. A simple Google search will reveal testimonials about users making money without executing trades themselves.

What is the minimum investment for Royal Q Bot?

The minimum investment for the Royal Q bot is $120. $100 is for the activation fee while $20 is for the gas fee. Of course, you need to have funds in your trading exchange account that the bot can use to trade.

Can I trade Royal Q on other cryptocurrency exchanges?

Yes, you’re trading on cryptocurrency exchanges since Royal Q doesn’t hold your trading fund. Royal Q bot currently trades on Binance and Huobi Global. 

Is Royal Q safe for beginners?

Yes, Royal Q is safe for beginners. Even without understanding trading fundamentals, all a user needs to do is bind their trading account with Royal Q. Then, Royal Q will trade on their behalf.

What is the best trade setting for Royal Q Bot?

The best trade setting for Royal Q bot depends on your earning goals. 

How can I contact Royal Q support?

If you have any issues with trading through Royal Q, you can contact their support in the app.

Click on “Mine” at the bottom right corner and select “Royal Q Feedback” among the options.

Royal Q support

On the support page, you’ll see categories of issues users can have. Select the relevant one and fill the contact form.

Below that, there’s a Help Center that features Q & A, beginner guides, announcements, and more.

How do I join Royal communities?

There’s a link to join the WhatsApp group on their website and they run Zoom meetings too.

Final Thoughts on Royal Q Trading Bot

Royal Q trading bot is a way to make profits from cryptocurrencies even if you’re a novice at trading. Based on the amount of trading data used to create the bot, it can make good trading decisions without the emotions that plague humans.

Apart from making money with the bot, the referral system allows you to make more by introducing this platform to your friends.

With this trading bot, there’s little risk and potential high rewards for trading on Binance and Huobi.

Having said that, you should start trading with small funds to check the trading bot’s performance.

Pros and Cons


  • Using a trading bot like Royal Q removes emotions from trading. People tend to make mistakes due to emotions such as fear and greed
  • Royal Q helps you to trade on autopilot, that is, while sleeping
  • You can make profits even if you have little knowledge about trading


  • A bot can have coding errors and make losing trades
  • Since a trading bot has no emotion, it has no human context that is necessary for some trades

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